Thursday, November 03, 2011

Heard at Our House - Noah's Newly Minted Vocabulary

My little guy is in full acquisition mode when it comes to words, these days…

Some of his expressions have grown new meanings. For example:

I hunree – means the usual, I’m hungry, but apparently also means “I see you have M&M’s and I’m going to pester you until you give me one.”

Jaydee – He’s started to call his brother Jayden, rather than just Jay…he regularly wakes his brother up by bursting into his room, yelling “Hi, Jaydee! Hi, Jaydee!”

He's a regular parrot, so we hear a lot of words one time as he's copying somebody else...But he’s also added considerably to the words in regular rotation:

Air Dayee go? = Where did Daddy go? Not to be confused with:

Air Jaydee go? = which is a search for Jayden and

Air Mommy go? = Which is often said when I'm RIGHT in front of, apparantly I'm invisble.

I Core Coo Cah – this means I color Coo Cah….which leads me to another regular:

Coo Cah = Mickey Mouse…why, you ask? Well…if you watch Mickey Mouse Club House, you know they say, “Miska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse.” Do you see it? Mooska and CooCah…Yea, I know…it took us forever to figure it out too. The other characters of the show are :

Meee Coo Cah = Minnie Mouse

Days Duh = Daisy Duck

Don Duh = Donald Duck

Goo = Goofy and

Goggy = Pluto. This can also just mean Goggy. If you ask him what a Doggy says, in his best glass shattering high-pitched voice he says ,"UHF! UHF!"

Jisssss = Juice. He LOVES juice…its like baby crack.

SHISSSSSS = not to be confused with Jisssss (see above) this means shoes.

I POOP – I don’t think this one requires translation

MEESH! = Please! He has good manners.

BYE BYE!!! – Again, this needs no explanation…however, he says it over and over again from the time I put on my shoes in the morning…which makes me feel like he WANTS me to leave….which makes me wonder just what kind of fun my boys are having without me after I’m gone. He also regularly says this to random strangers in Walmart as we walk by...that's my little social butterfly.

CARRRRRSSSS = Cars…like Lightening McQueen and Mater.

Shishy = Fishy...usually in the form of Goldfish, but sometimes he means Nemo and sometimes he's just commenting on some fish he's seen.

I Go COOL! = I go to school. Little mister LOVES school.

BAAAA PAAAA = Back pack = he knows he needs a backpack when he goes to school.

Geen = green. Unfortunately, everything is “geen” so far…we’ll work on that. At least he's recognizing that its a label for an object of some or other color...

Ai-yahn = I want...this can be followed by any number of things, not all of which we are exactly sure about just yet....

NO! – no explanation necessary for this one either…but does anyone know why they say NO for EVERYTHING!?!? Even when they mean “yes”?

And finally, when we show him a picture of himself and ask him “Who is that?” He replies, “BABY!”

If we say “Who’s the baby?” He says, “I BABY!”

That’s right! He’s the baby!

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Kai said...

I LOVE when kids are learning new words and sentences. Thanks for the smiles today!