Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodie Bags

I’ve been rather enamored with the many ideas I’ve seen recently for art parties…My older boy has a birthday coming up and I would love to be able to manage a full-on art party for him.

Alas, that isn’t going to work out this year, but I wanted to make him feel special by taking some goodie bags to his class.

Thanks to school supply sales, I was able to combine my art party idea and the goodie bag idea to come up with “ART STUFF” kits as goodie bags.

The bags are the 13 count Michaels economy bags – they end up being about 46 cents a piece. I cut a stencil and used some of my many mists to mark each bag as “art stuff.”

They contain art books I made myself from cardstock, bound together with book rings that we got for around 12 cents each.

Also there are crayons that were 20 cents each, paints for 50 cents each, colored pencil sets for 89 cents each, a little collection of paint brushes and pencils for 44 cents each and a cluster of Dum Dum’s for about 15 cents.

Then I put a custom tag on them, all the elements of which I had in my stash of scrapbook goodies.

All together, an adorable goodie bag for under $2.50…

So, what about you? Got any creative party favor ideas? I’d like to know..I still have one more little boy birthday to go this year!

Peace, ya’ll!


Meghann said...

This is so adorable! I love that tag!

Suzana said...

Loved your blog and your arts and crafts!!!!