Friday, September 09, 2011

Bad Mommy aka The First Day of School

My chillies actually started school two weeks ago...but its been a challenge to get to my PC to do anything with the pictures. Bad Mommy.

But here I am today to show you the shiny new students we have for this year. It was very, very easy to get Jayden to give us that back to school shot. He is, after all, an old pro at this:

This, I think, is the money shot, tho. He did this without my fact I was yelling, "STOP DOING THAT!!! POSE NORMALLY! STOP!!"

Ok, Ok...I'm kinda glad he didn't listen...cuz that is funny.

BUT Mr. Noah was having NONE of this first day of school stuff...true to his very independent nature, he refused to put on his backpack and wouldn't hold still for photos...

Praise God for sippy cups...because without those, we would have missed a still all together and it would have been a MUCH noisier morning.

Daddy DID get this backpack shot a couple days later with his cell phone:

I'm happy to report that the little guy now loves to go to school as much as the big guy. He's even INSISTENT upon carrying his own insistent as he was to NOT carry it on the first day.


Peace, ya'll!

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Meghann said...

That backpack is almost the same size as he is! How adorable!