Friday, August 12, 2011

Tigers say RAWR!!!

Ali Edwards posted a really cute post about how her little girl is coloring on herself the other day.

It got me thinking about the fun times we've had around our house with crayons and markers. Jay's quite the little artist. I'm never sure whether I should be dismayed or thrilled at his budding artistic talents.

Mommy: What is the world are you supposed to be?

Jayden: A tiger...rawr....

Mommy: Tigers growl louder than that!


Mommy: Aw...such a cute for mommy, little tiger! Now we have to go wash that off.

Jayden: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

THIS would be why we use only fully washable coloring materials in our house.

Peace, ya'll!


Kai said...

He did that himself? By looking in a mirror? Or without a mirror? That's true talent there! No joke! And cute to boot! :)

MaryC said...

At least he did it with orange and not black. LOLOL!

Rachel said...

That is super adorable! :-)