Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Process - Preparing for a crop

I've mentioned a couple of times that I'm preparing for two crops at the Creating Keepsakes Convention.

When I'm preparing for my crops, I know the following:

1) I have to have to fill approximately 10 hours of crop time
2) I cannot take my entire scrapbook studio with me (BUMMER!)
3) I work better with a plan
4) I need to be able to transition my process from the crop to home for the things I don't get done

Now, I scrap once a month in my home with a wonderful group of ladies. The process I use for that is only slightly different than what I have been doing to prepare for the convention. The difference is that at home, I might dart off to my studio to get some little bauble to make a layout just so...I will not have that luxury for the crop...

So here is what I've been doing to prepare:

First, I have assembled a number of kits:

To be honest, these kits could easily supply 10 or more layouts. BUT, I have a number of them because I want to have some variety in the supplies I'm working with during the crops. I don't want to get bored. You can check out the process I'm using for my own kit assembly HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Next, I print and sort photos. I've recently taken advantage of several photo processing deals and ordered tons of photos all at once. Honestly the box was more than a little daunting. I sorted them out into layouts and stacked them up to make my assembly easier. I do this for the majority of my layouts.

Once I know what pictures I'm using, I go on the hunt for sketches and/or inspiration. I know that my sketch will have to accommodate journaling, as journaling is a key element for my design process. Keeping in mind the story behind the pictures that I'm going to want to tell, I construct a sketch for my pictures using graph paper. I might make notes and/or put the title on the sketch too.

Then I put my journaling together. I use plain old Microsoft Word text boxes, sized to match the approximate journaling space on my sketch. Usually, I just journal on white cardstock using a typewriter font for my standard process.

Then I put pictures, sketch and journaling into a zip lock bag and stack them up for scrapping.

Now, all I have to do is put my kits, my picture packets and some miscellaneous tools into my scrap tote.

For me, the limitations of working within a kit help me to be more creative. I don't have every supply in the tote with me, so I'm forced to use what I have. Its amazing inspiration.

Hopefully, Ill have some layouts to share soon!

Peace, ya'll!


Rachel said...

You are SERIOUSLY organized, woman! I am impressed. Highly impressed. It's always interesting to see what others' creative process is like. Can't wait to see the pages you churn out at those crops!

Kai said...

I kit up for a retreat/crop as well... but in a different manner. I may need to adopt one or two of your techniques, too... I like 'em. TFS!