Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Muse - Book Staircase

I love books.

Its a love my kids now share....even in this digital age, there is nothing quite like turning the pages of a book...especially if its an old one.

I found this image on Whimsy and Wonder. There is only one staircase in the house, and with toddlers still learning to navigate it, the soft carpet is probably a better idea for now. BUT this is definately being added to my Pinterest boards...its just so cool.

What sort of neat decorating tricks have you used in your home? In what ways have you customized your space to feel like "home" to you?

Peace, ya'll!


Sam said...

Oh my gosh. I'd consider asking the church to build a second story on the parsonage just so I could do this. Or maybe just remove the carpet on the stairs at church - how cute would it be to do with with the books of the Bible!

Megan said...

wow this is so cute. i have actually been looking at my very plain wood stairs thinking---there has to be a way to cute these up. i don't think i could pull this look off but I LOVE IT.
And hello to you my sweet friend!

Photographing Mom said...

Oh, wow!! That would so work...wonder if I could talk hubby in to it. Probably not, but that is cool!!

Patty said...

Now that is one cool staircase. One day I hope to have my own place to decorate. Right now we share which makes it impossible to decorate in your own style