Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

August is always an odd month to me.

Its hot.

Sometimes unbearable.

All the trees and grass and plants look a little worn out, like all that summer growing has exhausted them.

But then, there is the preparation for heading back to school.

School here will begin on 8/ seems like a life time away, yet it is so close.

Where did summer go? But, when will fall be here, already?

It seems odd to be posting swimming pictures now, although it is still summer. My mind is on back-to-school....yet, the reality is that summer is still HERE (and in a big, hot, sticky way!)

Both our boys took swimming lessons for the first time this year courtesy of their Grandma Barb. I have NO pictures of the little, as he did a morning class with Daddy and I was at work while that was going on.

But I was able to make a couple of the afternoon sessions that my big boy was in.

He hasn't done a lot of pool stuff...and wasn't all that keen to get into the water. He hung out on the side of the pool, watching and waiting and feeling safe.

But he did eventually decide he wanted to get into the water. He hates to get water in his I was intrigued to see how he would handle this...

He professes to LOVE it now...

Do you remember swimming lessons? I do...lots of them. Several pools, several teachers, evben different towns.

Its quite amazing to see this part of my own past come full circle.



Kai said...

Swimming was such a HUGE part of my life growing up. I never remember a time when I wasn't in the water. We had a pool during my youth, so I suspect I was in that pool from the time I was a baby. I remember my mother struggling to get me out of the pool in the evening, even though she said my lips were blue and my teeth were chattering and my fingers were shriveled. I was devastated when our pool was demolished before I became a full-blown teen - no pool parties for me! Thank goodness I lived less than 5 miles from Lake Ontario - biking distance - and my best friend's house sat right on the lake. Ahhhh...swimming. I love when I see kids (and adults) learning and realizing they love it too! Great photos and memories Felecia!

Meghann said...

There is nothing cuter than babies at swimming lessons!