Friday, August 19, 2011

Heard at our house…Noah’s first edition

My little is an extremely brave and fiercely independent little guy.

At first, we kind of thought of him as our all-action-few-words guy. He didn't do a lot of talking unless he DIDN'T want something...THIS for example, means NO!

Then the jabbering began...He's jabbered away a mile a minute for some time now...always with the conversational tone, like he was really explaining something to us. Alas, not one word was desipherable...

Suddenly, I realized there are REAL words in his jabbering. Mr Noah has begun to use real words.

These are the most common things we hear:

Hi, Mama!

Hi, Dayee! (that would be daddy)

HI, hunnnnnnneeeee! – he says hi to the dog all the time.

Hi, day! – this is hi to Jayden…sometimes he says Brober…

Brober – aka BROTHER

Tan ooo, Dayee! (He thinks the expression is “Thank You Daddy” instead of just “thank you”…so he says Thank you Daddy to everyone!)

I go bye bye car – He wants to go for a ride.

I woe you! - equals I love you.


Nye, Nye – this is Good night.

Gamma - Grandma (of course!)

Air Brampa? – Where’s grandpa?

Bah Yet Ball – this means basketball, but it pretty much describes every ball…

BASSSSSE Ball – obviously Baseball – which is any ball not described by the word above.

I can!! - he wants a crayon. (He doesn't always color with a sombrero was a special occasion!)

I hunreee – Hungry – we actually hear this one A LOT!

I yan nack – this means I want a snack – “snack” equals fishy crackers or whales.

I yan teets – this means he wants fruit treats.

vi- mins – equals vitamins…our kids get gummie vitamins and calciums….so it’s a TEET…but healthy!

Bus tee – this is brush his teeth. He LOVES to brush his teeth…I suspect it’s the fruity toothpaste and electric spinning brush that makes that possible.

Pay! – this is “spray” aka spray hair gel…he likes me to spray his hair and then he brushes it himself.

All of this conversation (there is more) is accompanied by the cutest gestures…Mr. Noah talks with his hands and uses his face to the fullest when expressing himself. It’s just the cutest thing ever to watch.

He has also started to sing. He sings the Backyardigans theme, anything on the radio he recognizes, and he tries to sing along with us when we sing to him. (let me tell you, it makes this singing mama proud to hear both of her boys sing all the time!)

Mostly we laugh a lot with him. He's totally silly:

We laughed a lot at Jayden when he was in this stage – are you supposed to laugh at your kids that much?

I hope we don't damage our children by cracking up at them...they are REALLY funny!!!

Ok...well...except when they have "TV face"

Peace, ya'll!


MaryC said...

Love the TV face the best!

Rachel said...

TV face! LOL. That's hilarious. What a cute, cute, cute little man! Eliot loves to sing along with the radio too. And he remembers lyrics and sings them to himself later, while playing. I was less than thrilled when I heard him belting out Katy Perry lyrics one day: "Put your hands on me in my skintight jeans..." lol

Elizabeth said...

presh - the pics and the quotes...can't believe how big he is getting!

Kai said...

Absolutely get your laughs in at this age. It's how they learn to laugh too... at themselves and with themselves. Besides, there's not so much laughter in the teen angst years, so get it in while you can!!!

cate said...

isn't it great when you can finally figure out what they're saying? reminds me I must do a riley-speak update!