Friday, July 29, 2011


Sometimes I look at art and I get it.

Sometimes I look at art and I’m confused. 

Sometimes it’s the same art, just different days.

Sometimes I wish we still lived in California so I could go to the beach and see my friends.

Sometimes I’m so glad we don’t live in California anymore.

Sometimes I’m thrilled when others identify with things I post about.

Sometimes I’m dismayed that I felt so compelled to share my thoughts.

Sometimes I  just want a great chocolate mousse.

Sometimes I just want a great salad.

Sometimes I want to hang out where there are tons of people and loud music and laughter and dancing.

Sometimes I’m so grateful for the complete silence.

Sometimes I feel such gratitude for the many friends in my life.

Sometimes I feel so lonely.

Sometimes I think too much.

Sometimes I work too much.

Sometimes I worry too much.

But never, never, never do I love too much.


Meghann said...

Good post. It could totally be a scrapbook layout!

Rachel said...


shaina said...

I love this post... I think I might maybe kinda borrow (ok steal) it! lol. Thanks for always being an inspiration and for being real. Luv ya!!

MaryC said...

I completely understand.