Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Muse - Rice Krispies Watermelon

My husband and older son aren't exactly fans of watermelon. Its not that they dislike it...its that they don't like it...its  a neutral fruit. Take it or leave it.

On the other hand, I love watermelon...all kinds of melon, actually. One of my favorite summer treats growing up was a melon and strawberries fruit salad my mom always made.  I never get to eat that salad at home with my kids because I don't really want to eat an entire melon or three by myself. They are berry people, those men of mine. If I make berry salad, they are all over that...

But I came across this little gem atDine & Dish. I do believe this is a watermelon my family will eat!

So...what about you? What are your favorite summer foods? What childhood summer foods do you miss? What don't you miss? And, what could you do with something you LOVE to make it appear like something you DON'T love.

Now...if I can find a broccoli shaped cupcake, I just might have a veggie eater too!

Peace, ya'll!

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MaryC said...

This is seriously cute. I should try to make some of these while the grandsons are here next week.