Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More SMASHing...

I already mentioned the Counterfeit Kit Challenge post about the Smash Books .

You can see my first smash book HERE.

I mentioned that I would be doing this for some friends to use as journals for the Creating Keepsakes Convention we are going to in August.

This time, I slightly modified a really good tutorial by Francine Clouden for a peek-a-boo spiral back.

I made my cover a bit differently, using two wide strips of adhesive fabric paper attached to together with the front and back covers sandwiched in between. There is about a 1/2 inch overlap of cover on either side of the fabric spine. I like the way the binding looks and the fabric paper seems less likely to tear with the opening and closing of the covers.

One of my friends loves green and the other likes red...mine is the orange one...

As with my other home-made smash book, there are a lot of things included that have been hanging around my studio a while - there are some random pockets (each of these has random goodies in them, so they are not exactly the same) and envelopes...

The first section - Sketches - has just got plain paper in it for easy sketching. The second section Notes/Quotes, I used various lined papers and journal tags.

There is also notebook paper cut to size with graph on one side and lines on the other.

The Fun Stuff section has various scrapbook papers and tags:

Old maps and lots of things that were in my scrap section (remarkable how many papers I had in my scrap bin that could accommodate an 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 page size!)

I used some old music too...(and didn't realize until now how similar thetwo scrapbook papers in the above shot and below are!!!)

I've not decided yet if I'm adding the Smash Pen. I've been toying with adding the Pioneer Glue Stick Pen and a Sharpie Twin Tip Permanent Marker instead.

Does anyone know of another pen-shaped glue stick? I'm not looking for the liquid glue pen because they get so messy...I'm really looking for a stick.

Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY, everyone!!!



Kai said...

Beware of the Pioneer glue stick pen... I've heard a lot of really bad reviews on it (check out Amazon.com reviews). Avery used to have a glue pen I used to use for gluing envelopes, but I've not seen them around and they weren't super sticky. CUTE books by the way! :)

Meghann said...

These are so cute! What a great idea!

Deb Ashton said...

Felecia, those are super duper cute!

A Creative Operation said...

Very Nice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your books are fabulous! Could you explain how you did the binding? I love the covered look of it.


jediflame said...

Your books are fabulous- I love all the little pages you included, too.

Francine said...

These are fantastic! I love how you did that binding, fabric paper is a great idea.