Thursday, June 23, 2011

Like A Seed

Sometimes, when I'm working through the ideas for a Scrapbooking From the Inside Out kit, I just don't have the pictures to reflect what I'm thinking.

The OPTIMISM kit was no exception.

I kept thinking that there is nothing more optimistic than a seed - it dies to itself in order to be born again into the sunlight.

And if you've ever watched seeds sprout, you know that once they break that shell, the sprouts shoot up and grow very quickly into something sun and water seeking.

This idea inspired me, but what to do without a picture?


Just scrap without it:

I love the fabric flower...I made it using one of the tutorials found HERE

And those little BALLOONS are so cute!! I painted mine with plain old water colors:

Its not perfect, but we don't do perfection here! lol

Have you ever had an idea and no pictures to work with?

How do you deal with this in your art?

Peace, ya'll!!


cate said...

love your hot air balloons! I'm notorious for avoiding creating if I don't have photos, or not telling the story. I'm trying to overcome this, but it's ingrained...

Monika Wright said...

gerat no picture layout!