Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Tutorials

Its going to be a LOOOOONGGGG and beautiful weekend here in our world.

We are excited!

Just in case you get some crafty time on this long weekend (or if its going to rain in your part of the world!) I've found a few tutorials to keep you busy.

I've been very recently inspired by the fabric flowers I see EVERYWHERE - on t-shirts, on headbands, necklaces, shoes, and, of course, scrapbook pages.

I'm not exactly a sewer...I mean, I can hem a pair of pants and put a button on a shirt. I can even fix ripped seams. I learned to sew rod pockets and straight seams for things like curtains and table cloths and napkins...and I've even been toying with the idea of a basic quilt. But, seriously, you might not find me sewing any clothing or more elaborate stuff. I've not even attempted sewing on my scrapbook layouts, though its all the rage.

That said, I find every flower tutorial I'm going to show you totally doable in every sense. I think any crafter should be able to manage these fairly easily or with minimal practice:

(just click on the highlighted link to get to the tutorial)

First up, a cute and versatile no-sew felt flower from Do More With Less:

While we are on no-sew, Artsy Crafty Babe has an adorable button flower pin tutorial:

In the extremely easy sewing category, Midwestern Sewing Girl has created these lovely little bead center circle flowers:

Also in the extremely easy category, Craft Leftovers has this super cute loopy felt flower:

And Pick Up Some Creativity teaches us how to make this adorable ruffle flower:

In the SLIGHTLY more challenging category (because there is folding involved!) we have these awesome Pointed Petal flowers from Creation Corner

And this super adorable pocket petal flower from Bayou Bags:

That's enough flowers to create a pretty significant garden!

Alright, go forth and CRAFT...


Peace, ya'll!

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