Thursday, April 07, 2011

Good Enough

Resilience is the theme of the month over at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out.

Sometimes resilience isn't about bouncing back, but more about stretching beyond what you or others might expect from you.

My next layout for this kit taps into the idea that "good enough" really isn't for me, as far as personal development goes. I'm not a person who gets to "average" and then stops.

Now, this isn't about money or my home or clothes or any of that. Its about what is inside. I want to know that I gave my everything to learning, loving, growing, being a friend, exploring the things inside of me that are challenging, learning to manage the parts of me that are out of control.

The journaling reads:

In the big picture, my life has not been all that hard. As in any life, there have been things to overcome. I don’t consider myself all that amazing for having overcome. There was a miscarriage, a divorce, a brief dance with drugs. Ther was a larger than necessary fear of inadequacy. There have been a few less-than-honest men and a rather large quantity of alcohol. And a friend who was somewhat single-white-female-ish. There was an apartment in a really bad neighborhood (that was all that I could afford at the time). But truthfully, resilience in my life has been more about resisting mediocrity, more about stretching and reaching beyond comfort, more about proving to myself that good enough is just a place to start.

I made some more of those circle flowers and a pleat flower using American Crafts resin rose brads for the center.

And their is a luscious Cumberland Regent fabric flower from Prima.

And lets not forget that I don't normally scrap in PINK. I really loved the change of color!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY, everyone!


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Susan said...

this is gorgeous- I love those flower brads. That "good-enough" attitude is hard to get to- I have a student this year who freezes when he writes, because he thinks his drafts have to be perfect. Ironically, I am trying to teach him to lower his standards, just so he'll be able to turn something in.