Thursday, April 28, 2011


It doesn't seem possible that its time for my final layout from the Scrapbooking from the Inside Out Resilience Kit.

This one is about how you need to be flexible to maintain relationships...

I have the most amazing group of friends. But, honestly, most of them are scattered far and wide.

Thank goodness for the internet and easy telephone access. without it I would be lost.

Sometimes, resilience means bending to suit the circumstances, in order to manage survival.

That is what each of these women has done to keep our friendships alive:

Did a little masking, a little misting, a little curvy line drawing, some trims...

All in all, a rather adventurous layout, technique wise...

You wouldn't know it to look at it, tho, would you?

Stay tuned for the sneaks of May's kit! I'm so excited about this one...just wait till you see!!!

Peace, ya'll!


Rachel said...

I really like the misting on this one. It looks like a rainy day, but one that isn't going to stop you. :)

Sugar said...

very pretty.. love the curves!