Wednesday, March 16, 2011

That Gets Me

Perhaps above all other things, I'm deeply inspired by music.

I was, after all, an aspiring rock star:

Its not a small leap to from get "inspiration" to "oh, yea, MUSIC!" under these curcumstances.

So, I set to work with my Scrapbooking From The Inside Out Kit - INSPIRATION kit to make a layout about how music inspires me...

But, where to start? With the music that I write? The music I listen to? The music that I go searching for when I need some inspiration? The way I click-click-click through i-tunes looking for something that makes me tingle?

I settled for the music that I reach for when I'm creating, which is surprisingly low key compared to a lot of what is out there today...its kind of a 70's or 70s-inspired, mostly acoustic, highly meaningful lyric, girls who rock and guys with long hair, sing along with me sort of music plus the things I grew up on, like U2 and Aerosmith. I like to be able to sing along, sort of mindlessly, as I work.

I have a radio station on Pandora that is exactly the perfect mix: I call it "Lifes Been Good To Me So Far" know...after the Joe Walsh song.

Anyway...I've never really thought of myself as a pink and yellow kind of girl, but it all worked out rather amazingly:

That shirtless picture with the guitar slung over her back that Melissa Ethridge put on her cover is so seriously sexy.  I love that shot!

REALLY in love with these pinwheel things...they are just the right kind of playful and fun, I think.

What is your favorite music? What do you listen to when you need to be inspired? Anything fun you want to share with the rest of us!?!!?

Peace, ya'll!!

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Patty said...

You used to be in a band? Very cool:) Loved your music layout. I think I really just put movies on when I work, but I find that during the summer I do listen to my music. Love Local Natives, Bjork, Radiohead, classic I can go on and on!

Samantha Widlund said...

Musical inspiration for me seems to flow with what I'm doing. I've discovered I'm a huge Britney Spears/Lady Gaga fan...but only when I'm working out. Editing photos or writing, I want 70's sort of easy listening - the Eagles, Carol King, James Taylor. Driving? I'm all about classic rock. Clapton, the Who, the Allman's.

Elizabeth said...

love the pics rocker chick!!!

lkayholmes said...

Wow, I love your pictures of you in your band!!! Do you have a CD?

Rachel said...

awesome photos! You ARE a rock star! :)

Fabi Ormerod said...

Wow...I didnt knew you used to sing Felecia!!!! How cool is that??? Loved your pictures and layout dear ;))))

Anonymous said...

I love you Sissy! You will always be my rock star!!! You have incredible talent and Ideas. You always re-invent the wheel as far as Im concerned. You are my Hero!!! God Bless You!! You are Whole ,Complete, and PERFECT!!!!! I love you and Miss you sooooooooooooooo much. I can not wait to play with the kids!! I know your scared, not to worry, You are ok!! HAHAHAHHA LOVE LOVE LOVE