Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh, the Places I'd Go

One of the things I find most inspiring is the idea of travel. I watch tons of National Geographic specials on the beauties of the world and I'm literally glued to Anthony Bourdain and No Reservations when I get the chance to watch.

And remember THIS POST about my fascination with the Great Wall of China? I knew I would be scrapbooking this part of myself that sort of wanders the world of my imagination.

When my Scrapbooking From The Inside Out Kit - INSPIRATION kit arrived, it seemed like the perfect kit to explore my desire to travel and how inspired I am by this wide wide world we live in.

Since Dr. Seuss's book Oh, The Places You'll Go is one of my favorites, I played on that title a was purely serendipitous that his birthday is also in March.

I'll be honest...I had TOO MANY PICTURES for this layout...but editing the layout hasn't one bit dampened my dream:

LOVED the American Crafts paper with these little balloons...I wanted to use it so badly, but when trying to space the pictures over that paper, they all got cut them out and popped them up.

Are you inspired to travel? Have you ever taken a dream destination vacation to some place that has long held your imagination? Where would you like to go if only you could???

Peace, ya'll!


Patty said...

I loved this layout with all your travel pictures and the pop up balloons:)

Meghann said...

LOVE THIS LAYOUT! What a fantastic idea!

Fabi Ormerod said...

I simply Loved this layout and how you used the baloons Felecia!!!!!!