Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Muse - The One with the Green and Pink Room

Ok, I'm not entirely sure I could live here, on a full time basis, with that color all the time every time...but OH, what a ROOM!!! And those FLOOR TO CEILING CURTAINS! I could just die right there its so beautiful:

Houston Estate eclectic living room

Just so you know the WHOLE estate is like that. You can see it all HERE

So, why this muse?


Spring colors.

High contrast (in an unexpected way!)

Contemporary and antique side by side in an eclectic way.

Those curtains.

What would you do with this muse? Could you create an amazing painted pot for a new spring sweet pea to grow in?

How about some cupcakes with green frosting and hot pink flowers...

Maybe repurpose a piece of old furniture with a coat of lively green paint?

Tell me...How could you use this muse?

Peace, ya'll!!


Susan said...

I love the chandelier- it looks like a vine with seed pods. I don't know about the pnk and green combo, though. Maybe a hot pink flower on my saint patrick's day hat? I don't really have a saint patricks day hat...

cate said...

oh, my! I love the combination of colours, but I'm not sure I could live in a house FULL of pink and green. I'm going to add this photo to my inspiration file, I think I can feel a card coming on... thank you!