Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Its February First 2011...

Somebody pinch me!

I can't believe that January is already gone and here we are in the month of love...

Its also time to reveal the new Scrapbooking From the Inside Out kit. This month the theme is Vulnerability. I am not a pink, flowery person, but this kit...oh I fell in love with it!!!

There are lots of surprising little elements, along with a gorgeous rasberry and aqua pallette.

This theme brought out lots of things in me...the places, perhaps where I make myself vulnerable, how I deal with being vulnerable and what sort of ways I might have over come it.

My first layout from this kit is "Open." This one is about all the places I close myself off because I feel vulnerable - a reminder to keep myself open, to take the risk of being vulnerable for the sake of what awaits me when I allow those areas to breathe freely.

I did a nifty little technique with ribbon on these butterflies...but more on that later.

Where do you find you are most vulnerable? How do you deal with it? What sort of things have you discovered in facing your vulnerability, in allowing it to take up residence in your life?

JOIN US as we explore being vulnerable!

Peace, ya'll!


Meghann said...

Love the size of this layout! Also love those butterflies.

Rachel said...

Gorgeous, as always. :)

Kai said...

Those butterflies are awesome! Can't wait to read your technique. Where am I most vulnerable? I don't know, really, because most of my friends would say I have the thinnest skin of anyone they've ever known, which makes me super sensitive in any occasion. I guess, though, I'd have to say I'm most vulnerable with anything regarding my own creativity, whether that be paper crafting or writing.