Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Muse - the One without one...

So...Today I wanted to post a Monday Muse with all the creative commercials from the Super Bowl.

I didn't go to the Super Bowl party as originally planned.

So...since we don't have cable...I didn't WATCH the Super Bowl nor any of its commercials.

This is the time when I get to say WAHOO for Youtube, because I can find any commercial I want to and vote on them too...

But I'm torn...I don't actually think most of the commercials are all that good this year.

And some of them are downright crude.

My friend Shaina likes this one:

My friend Kathy liked the Pepsi Max commercials...this one was the best of those, I think.

I loved this one, because this little boy reminds me of my own little boy:

So, what were your favorites???

Peace, ya'll!


Sarabeth Hudson said...

Darth Vader....for sure!

Arlene Camacho said...

Hi Felecia!

hmm...I didn't pay attention (no football fans here)

but...I kept hearing all about the Doritos commercials. LOL...maybe it's not a bad thing or else I'd be munching on a bag all by myself.

shaina said...

hehe! that little beaver was my fave. :) did you enjoy it??

Kai said...

I love the little darth vader kid with the dad and the remote car start... way cool on many levels. I'm assuming it was for a car (the commercial) but to me it was about the dad and son. :)

And you're right, the commercials aren't as good... they weren't last year either. I'd have to say that the last time I liked the commercials a lot was... hmmm... maybe 6 or so years ago! It's all goin' downhill. Maybe someday there will be an upswing again.