Sunday, February 06, 2011


I'm not really a gadget person, per se...

I love my new NOOKcolor. I've alreay read 4 books on it, figured out how to do the whole music thing, got my Pandora working, checked out books from the library...its a great tool for killing the endless time I seem to spend waiting. And it keeps me off of facebook.

I love my scrapbook punches, my Blackberry, and the Wii which brings me Netflix (since we no longer have cable - more on that later).

While I have an Ipod, its the older version that is no longer available with the non-color screen. I use it for podcasts, and music and books...but I've no urge to run right out and buy a new one while this one still works..its old and its metal and it handles the frequent 3 foot drops that seem to accompany my 4 year old child.

But in essence, give me paper, some glue, a good radio station and I'm pretty content. I don't need a lot of gadgetry...I'm not blown away by the Iphone, nor the Ipad. Maybe its because I work with technology all day and the people who are spoiled by it.  Maybe its because I remember the first cell phone...and MY first cell phone...and getting up to turn the channels on the TV for my dad. Iguess I think of these things as tools and, thus, feel no need to have them unless they will do a job I don't already have a tool for. I'm not into excess tools...(well...except for scissors and pens. Now THOSE I could use a mountain of...more on that later too, I guess).

BUT I've been pondering the purchase of one (or both?) of two gadgets I'm just tickled with.

The first is this amazing thing...not new, I know...but new to me and I'm totally in LOVE with it:

the Polaroid Pic 300R Instant Analog Camera

Now, my uncle LOVES Polaroid pictures...this would be JUST the thing for him! oh...and ME!

The second gadget is just as amazing, but not so retro:

The Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Camera

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! a digital camera that can take and then PRINT your pitures on the spot..oh, bring me some smelling salts, I feel faint!!!

Serious luciousness, in my book.

I'm torn, tho...the modern sleek version, or the retro cool version?

Oh, I just can't decide!!!!

Which would YOU get?!?!?

Peace, ya'll!!


Christa said...

I haven't seen those before (does that mean I live under a rock?!!) Love the retro one though. I would go for that one since I already have a "regular" digital camera! Very cool!

MaryC said...

I have been waiting for an iPhone for over a year because I have Verizon which I won't change from. I have an iPod touch that I use for my runs and other exercise, but I also have to carry my Blackberry. So an iPhone would do both things. Mine arrives on Monday!
I had not see those cool Polaroids. I just got a DSLR for an early birthday present and I am learning to use it. But instant digital? So cool!

Meghann said...

Ooh. Tough decision. I would get whichever one had higher ratings on That's usually how I decide.

**** April **** said...

Is that a real thing? a camera that takes and prints? Bizarre!