Friday, February 18, 2011

Books and Thoughts on No TV

Well...its been officially one month since we cut off the cable TV.

I'll be honest...the withdrawl wasn't that bad.

We had a few Mickey Mouse, no My Friends Tigger and Pooh, no Food Network.

We've discovered some cool things - Veggie Tales movies, a cool documentary series called Wild China, and a fascinating Nat Geo program about Tigers.

My husband became an addict to Heroes and 24 after the fact.

I'm learning how to watch my favorite programs on MegaVideo and discovering Bones episodes I've never seen.

We get a LOT less screen time because the TV is not on for background noise.

We never seem to know what the weather will be like. This fact is kind of odd, because we could easily look at the weather channel provide by our Wii, but don't.

Satellite TV has been discusses as an alternative to cable. I'm both intrigued and not that committed to the idea. I rather like the quiet, the radio we seem to listen to a lot more and the fact that my children are blissfully unaware of the latest toy, gadget or game.

However, I do miss Ina Garten and would love to be able to watch Basketball playoffs with my hubs - one of the few sports I have learned to love watching.

We have learned two pretty awesome things from this change:

1 - Noah can sing. Yes, my 14 month old can sing, in perfect pitch. He has the opening tones of the Backyardigans theme down perfectly and when he sees their picture, he will break into song "YA YA YA YA YA-YA-YAAAAAAA YA-YA." For those of you who know me well, you know how absolutely amazed and thrilled I am.

2 - Books are fun. (For all of us but Scott.) My 4 year old is reading. My 14 month old is interested in reading (though not in being read to, because that would mean he would have to sit still and he's not having any of that!) And I'M reading...since my parents gifted me with my Nook the second week of January, I've read 7 books and have two more in progress (one non-fiction and one fiction).

What an amazing discovery! lol

I've always been a reader, but honestly when coming home from a busy day at work and spending time in the kitchen cooking dinner, it was WAY easier to turn on Cash Cab or the Food Network (or some other appropriatly G-rated programming) and let it sort of wash over me. I can't believe how much time I've found to read since this auto-pilot enabler was turned off.

Now, if I'm going to watch some programming, it takes a bit of effort - more than just pushing a button. And may even involve searching for an acceptable program, not something I necessarily have time for while dinner is waiting to be cooked.

So, I turn to my Nook or to one of the Kids books or to coloring or to games or dancing with the kiddos or to any one of a thousand other options that don't involve the mind-numbing programming.

Its fabulous and mostly peaceful.

It makes us feel like we are in control of our household again, and not the TV or the DVR.

Still...there are longings for our old programming - a fact that makes me even more determined NOT to turn it back on. If you LONG for something so frivolous it surely cannot be a good thing.

I'm not sure how much longer this experiment will go on. I hope the rest of the year.

But we may cave for Basketball...

Hard Choice.

Peace, ya'll!!!


Meghann said...

Really interesting! My husband and I have been talking about how much money we spend in a year on our Cox Cable bill. It is ridiculous. Maybe we will look into cutting it. I would REALLY miss the Food Network too!

Photographing Mom said...

We've been discussing getting rid of the TV around our house, too. Haven't made a decision yet.

Christa said...

It would never happen over here!! But I admire those that can do it and stick to it-it really is freeing I bet!

**** April **** said...

Funny... I haven't "watched" tv in forever!!! We have it but I don't use it. I have it on right now in the background... as noise but I don't watch it at all. I just didn't want the complete silence and I love the kid jingles. LOL. The boys do watch it. Josh isn't allowed anymore during the week b/c he chose crap on tv rather than beign prepared for a paper he had to write so I said.. NO MORE!

I'd be happy to 86 it all together but that'd NEVER fly with the Mister. He's an addict.