Monday, January 03, 2011


EDITED: I had this ready to go on the 1st, but for some reason didn't publish it! So, pardon my rudeness and tardiness!!!


Since its the first of a new year AND a new ,month, I have some additional fireworks for you!

Welcome the January REFLECTION kit from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out! It is so gorgeous, peaceful, completely wonderful:

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Basic Greay, 7gypsies and Kaisercraft.

My first layout of the month is called Backward and Upsidedown

Its about how the reflection of my life is pretty much not at all what I expected...a juxtaposition of what my life is with what I thought it would be...

I got to use my large circle edger on this one and create lots of layers:

So, what do you see in the mirror? What reflections do you have on your last year, on you life? What do you anticipate in the new year?

Peace, ya'll!!


Sarabeth Hudson said...

I just totally turned my laptop upside down to take a look at your old punk rock self! At least that I what I assume that photo to be :) Very rock-star!! Ahhh....the old days.

Rachel said...

That is fabulous. I couldn't love it more! You are SO rocking the SFTIO kits. I love seeing your layouts.
Thanks for sharing! And Happy New Year to you, as well. :)

Fabi Ormerod said...

Hey Christa, I loved how you worked with the kit. This page is amazing, loved all the layers and the typed like journaling. XX