Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Muse - The One With Nemo

So...ever since Finding Nemo came out, I've been a fan.

I just love that movie.

I don't need a kid around as an excuse to watch it.

As a lark, I went in search of images of Clown Fish to see how they were really colored. I found this amazing specimen, today's Muse:

I am supremely in love with that gorgeous orange and the startlingly bright white of this fish against that beautiful background.

REALLY love this image.

Its dreamy, floaty and makes me think, now in the dead of winter, of the gorgeous warm ocean and all that goes with it.

So, what would you do with this muse?

Anything amazing come to mind?

TOMORROW, I'll be posting a few of my favorite sneaks for the upcoming CHA show...

And keep your eyes open for BLOG HOP on Wednesday, showcasing the amazing design talents of the SFTIO designers...

ooooo...exciting week!!!

Peace, ya'll!!!

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