Friday, January 21, 2011

Heard at Our House - Testing our Boundaries Edition

The speech of a 4 year old is certainly a thing to behold. They have just enough grasp of the language and expressions in their world to parrot what we say...or, in my case, parody what we say.

Jayden - I want bacon!
Grandma - I gave you cheerios and strawberries.
Jayden - but I want bacon!
Grandma - But you asked for Cheerios and Strawberries.
Jayden - I don't want that. I want bacon.
Grandma - Jayden, you asked for Cheerios and strawberries and I gave you cheerios and strawberries. Why aren't you eating THOSE?
Jayden - Grandma, I've just lost interest!

Grandpa - you need to sit down in the cart!
Jayden - I want mommy to push me.
Grandpa - Mommy is shopping. I'm going to push the cart.
Jayden - but I want Mommy to push me.
Grandpa - Listen, I'm going to push the cart. You are just going to have to deal with it.
Jayden - We'll see about that!!!

Mommy - What movie do you want to watch?
Jayden - Anachoa
Mommy - What?
Jayden - Anatcha Soa
Mommy - What?
Jayden - Anascatoa
Mommy - What?
Jayden - That movie where she wears the yellow dress!
Mommy - You mean Anastasia???
Jayden - Yes. Anastcatzia

After spying that I had Life Savers in my purse:
Mommy, I need a sucky fing. My froat hurts!

After seeing me get out the bandaids for a different purpose:
Jayden - Mommy, today I fell and hit my fum on the window and hurt it really really bad and I need a bandaid.
Mommy - What?
Jayden - Today, I feel against the window and hit my fum and right here, and I need a bandaid.
Mommy - You got hurt?
Jayden - Yes. On my fum.
Daddy - Jayden, if you want a bandaid, you don't need to make up a story. Just say "I want a bandaid."
Jayden - I want a bandaid. On my fum.

After trying to get him to eat a SINGLE green bean, in a very loud, tearful, extremely emotional voice:

Noah is expanding his vocabulary every day.

So far, he's added:

OH! WOW! (but it sounds like this: OhhhhooooooooooWowoooooooooo.)

MORE! (but it sounds like this: MahMahMahMahMah)

Hello! (but it sounds like this: Hewoooooooooooow?)

Have an amazing day!!! PEACE!


shaina said...

oh posts like this make me smile!! i love the bandaide one. :)

Rachel said...

I love it!
All these conversations are so precious. Don't you wish you could just bottle some of the hilarity and save it for later, like...the teenage years, when we might REALLY need a good laugh?! :D
Might be a good idea to bookmark these posts...