Friday, January 07, 2011

Bad Blogger, Bubbles and I See Me

First off, I have to apologize for being a bad blogger this week. The first week of a new year is always busy and just a little bit chaotic, so that's my excuse! HA HA!

I came across this picture on my husband's aunt's Facebook page...she took it while they were visiting. I love the pure JOY on this kids face at seeing bubbles...MUST scrapbook it!

Which brings me very nicely to my second layout from the January REFLECTION kit from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out:

This one is about the reflections of myself in the boys:

Cute little butterfly cut out on that gorgeous velvety ribbon:

You know its both disconcerting and rewarding to see my traits, hear my words, and notice my mannerisms and expressions in my kids. Sometimes I hear my own words and think, "Do I sound like THAT!?!??!" and sometimes I see something and think, "That's my boy!"

Its odd, I think, to see another little person walking down the hall, or playing with Legos, or organizing the blocks just like you would...or just like your spouse would. Sometimes its hugely humorous...and sometimes its just alarming...

I always hope that my kids get the best of what I have to give them and leave the worst of it behind...I know, intellectually, that this is not reality. They will get a balance of good and bad and they will insert their own personalities and gifts.

Still...its nice to hope that my legacy can be one of good...

Peace, ya'll!!


Rachel said...

I know exactly what you mean! When we were wrapping Christmas gifts last month, I told Eliot he was doing a good job with the tape, and he responded with a grumble, "No I'm NOT--this looks TERRIBLE!" I hung my head, because that was SO me. Easily frustrated, nothing I do is ever good enough, me.

It's scary sometimes to look at your child and see yourself reflected back at you. But it's also led me to realize there's more good about myself than I give myself credit for. He shows me that too.

Photographing Mom said...

Oh yes! A Definite scrapbook page!!

My 18 yr. old son is constantly saying "Oh, no, I'm just like Dad!" It's funny.

Meghann said...

Such a beautiful layout. I love the colors and the photos.

Also love that bubble photo. Perfect for a layout!