Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree *SFTIO December Wonder Kit*

Oh, there is something about a CHRISTMAS TREE.

I cannot seem to get enough of of the myriad ways a Christmas tree can be decorated...they are all beautiful to me...

One of my personal and private traditions is to sit in front of the Christmas tree each year on Christmas eve. After all the presents are underneath and all the other living creatures have gone to bed, I sit and stare and enjoy a few personal moments of quiet reflection in front of the tree.

I take a picture every almost always the same.

This layout using the Scrapbooking From the Inside Out December Wonder Kit explores what I find so wonderous about a Christmas Tree...see how all the shots are the same?

Believe it or not, I can tell the difference in the years from what is around that tree...

Do you have any personal private Christmas Traditions?

Is there anything about this time of year that you can't live without?

WHat do you seem to always record in your photos this time of year?



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Sarabeth Hudson said...

My favorite sibling and I take (still) turns putting the angel on my parents tree. It is a homemade angel from a craft kit my parents made their first Christmas. There are 4 of us, so it is a while between our turns. A couple of years ago, my mom recreated and gave each one of us our own angel, almost exactly like theirs, so we could do the same at our own houses! Now my kids area taking turns with ours. We write their name and the year on the inside of the angel and I love it! I am not-so-secretly hoping my mom will make one for each of my kids ('cause I'm just not that crafty!).