Monday, December 06, 2010

Monday Muse - Letter's to Santa

Over the weekend, using the almighty internet, Jayden and I sat down to write a letter to Santa.

My boy was ever so excited to know that Santa has an email address...

Turns out he has several, in fact, but the one that caught our eye was: Email Santa. (i like it nice and simple like that!)

Turns out this site is super cute and you watch as Santa reads your letter, responds, sends and then BING you get the letter in you inbox.


I was very lucky...Jayden only asked for Candyland, Legos, and a Nerf Gun.

We had a discussion about how not everybody dressed in a Santa Suit is actually Santa. I told Jayden that a REAL Santa sighting is a rare occasion indeed, and that he couldn't possibly attend every party he was invited to this time of year AND still make his Christmas Eve flight.

Sadly, there was a Santa at Walmart. Jayden, after sitting on his lap, confided in me that he was certain this was just one of Santa's helpers. Unfortunately, (for me!) he also confided that he told Santa's helper that he wanted a Leap Pad...AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!

Anyway, on to the muse...

If you could sit in Santa's lap (and not feel weird for sitting in the lap of a guy with a fake beard in a red velvet suit with a fur collar) what would you ask him for?

What is YOUR grown up Christmas wish?

I have to be honest here...My list is topped by the Nook Color from Barnes and Noble.

But, if it doesn't find its way to my tree, I'm still good. I have not got my heart set on anything except time with my kids this year...I almost can't wait until Christmas morning...I want to see their faces light up and enjoy just getting down on the floor to watch them open gifts.

So, how about you? What do you want Santa to bring?

Have you ever included this sort of thing for yourself in your art? What would it look like???

Peace, ya'll!!


**** April **** said...

Dotcha love those last minute things???? Drew pulled that on me too. Leap Frog has coupons if you sign up on their site and some sales going on now too. 'im looking at the tag reader for Dreww

Unknown said...

Seriously? If I could ask Santa for one material thing right now, it would be to have a personal assistant for one year to do all the things I need to have done... clean, organize, light household maintenance and some interior re-decorating including stripping wallpaper and painting. Heck, if it was a REALLY good personal assistant, s/he could leave me in 6 months as long as everything on my list was accomplished!

One non-material thing? For my husband to be 100% healthy again, including regaining movement in his face and for my dog to NOT have cancer - all of my pets and family to be healthy 100%. That's my biggest Christmas wish.