Thursday, December 30, 2010

As Magical As Snow *SFTIO December Wonder Kit*

As I close out December and my December layouts from the beautifulScrapbooking From the Inside Out December Wonder Kit, I'm taking a look at something I don't actually care for all that much: SNOW!

Now, I know that Jayden would love 10 feet of the stuff right about now...he wants to build a snow man and make snow angels and have snowball fights and wear his Tiger hat.

But me...Yea...I can do without it.

Last year, about this time, it snowed a heavy wet layer of snow - some of the little bit we get here in this part of the country. We realized that Jayden had never seen snow fall, only seen it after a snow had happened and the sun was back in force.

So, in the darkness, as snow was falling, we turned on all our lights outside and ran out to experience the falling snow...Jayden's very first.

It was truly magical.

I longed right then and there to see the world through his eyes, to marvel at its every wonder and new discovery.

Now, you don't often equate lavender with a boy's layout, but it is such a fabulous color to convey COLD and SNOW that it works:

I just love how it came out...and anyway, its about me and for my books, so his future wife won't have to look at him all surrounded by lavender anyway.

Have you ever used a color that seemed like it shouldn't work, but it worked brilliantly? Like a magenta kitchen or a neon green bed-side table?

What have you seen around you that made you look with fresh eyes at the world? Fresh flowers? New baby? Old wheelbarrow?

How have you explored the world in somebody else's shoes????

Its a great time to take a few moments to ponder something new and fresh and know that whole new year thing looming and all...



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Rachel said...

The lavender does work--I like it!
And I share your feelings on snow--hate the stuff, but...when Eliot wanted to make a snow angel in our yard this year, I plopped right down next to him and ALMOST didn't mind that I got snow up my back and down my pants. LOL. :)