Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky and No Sleep

I had some trouble getting to sleep last night...I was completely exhausted and had a killer headache, but sleep eluded me.

First, my brain was full of all the things I did not get accomplished in the last five days. Why do we do that, do you suppose? Think of all the things we don't get done?

After running the list two arms long through my mind twice, I switched gears and prayed. That was amazing and comforting and helped me check something off my two-arms-long-list of things not accomplished...but it left me wide awake, thinking of all my family and friends and the things I pray for each of them.

So, I switched to praising God and focusing on the marvels of all He has crated...universes and butterflies and children and flowers and coffee and...well...you get the idea. I focused on all that I am thankful for and the amazing things on this wide wide earth that affirm that God is an amazing creator and artist...yet...sleep eluded me.

So, I went to my fall-back position...my "happy place." My happy place happens to be a cozy little cottage in the countryside with wide soft chairs for lounging, a soft a squishy sofa for reading, a huge, sturdy bed frame with a deep feather bed, mountains of cushions and a down comforter all wrapped in pale crisp linens. It has a crackling fire in an enormous stone fireplace and rain with lots of thunder outside. This is usually a place I can imagine myself relaxing and thus, relax for real and thus, fall deeply and comfortably asleep. Last night, however, my imaginary rain storm was a bit too thunderous and my imaginary fire a bit too crackly...no sleep.

Finally at 4 am, my little boy called from his own bedroom to be tucked in again. Since I was up anyway, I obliged and gave lots of extra hugs and kisses. Then tiptoed back to my own bed to wrestle with my insomnia some more.

Low and behold, my head hit the pillow and I was off to dreamland...just like that!

I never would have imagined that the sleeping aid I required was tucking a little boy into his own bed and getting sleepy kisses.


On to the SNEAKY SNEAKY...TOMORROW is reveal day for the new Scrapbooking From the Inside Out kit. Its so beautiful! I almost didn't want to USE anything that was in it.

Here are a few sneak peeks for you:

I can't wait to share my layouts with you!!

Until then, Happy Tuesday, everyone!



Rachel said...

Oh la la! These peeks look amazing! Can't wait to see the layouts.

And btw, your happy place sounds wonderful...


Andrea Amu said...

Ohh my heavens to betsy! I sooo can not wait to see all your gorgeous work in full detail! The kit looks marvelous and I am just so curious to see what all you and the rest of the dt came up with! I think I'd have a hard time cutting into that kit as well, lol!

I am soo glad that you finally got some rest after finding your night's solace in the embrace of a little boy! Sounds peaceful and all too wonderful!