Monday, November 08, 2010

Monday Muse and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Todays muse is from a website: MUSEUM OF USEFUL THINGS. It is the most marvelous place!

I love that the website is neat and tidy...

I love that you browse products by how you use them..."AFFIX, CARRY, HOLD..."

I love that the sorts of things they carry are simple and amazingly useful, but that they seem extraordinary when all collected together.

There could seriously not be a better shopping site for somebody like me - hyper-type-A organizational freak (I don't live in a house like this, mind you, because there are three other people in my house with me. When it was just me, everything had a place and everything was in its place.)

What does this conjure up for you? Its very would make a great inspiration piece for masculine layouts.

Its also quite clever - what could you do with the play on words?

I could see a layout labeling things by their USE rather than the object...


It inspired organize my studio a bit.

I got to sorting and found a number of fresh scrapbooking supplies that I just could NOT figure a way to use in my own work.

Would you like to win a grab-box of fresh beautiful scrapbooking supplies?

Here is what is in the box:

This Karen Russell Antique Cream collection pack:

Some things from the Lily Bee Designs Lovely line:

A full Basic Grey Nook and Pantry Collection pack:

Lace Paper from KI in Blushing Gossip:

And Bouquet Cherish:

As well as lace paper from Little yellow Bicycle called Pink Blossom:

a full set of Dear Lizzy Bliss chipboard stickers:

A full set of Cosmo Cricket Material Girl chipboard:

Chipboard mini books in the following shapes:

A set of Prima pearls:

And a full set of these Prima Flowers:

And finally a sheers Key Chain:

I'll close this give-away at midnight on TUESDAY, November 9th. Just leave me a comment about ORGANIZATION. Love it? Hate it? LOATHE it? Can't get your head around it? Do you have a tip? I need a do you organize cool ideas you find in a magazine when you don't want to keep the magazine? Anybody got some other good organizational advice? With the holidays coming, all the organizing tips would be most interesting!


Peace, everyone!


shaina said...

i used to be so organized, but now that i've started packing up my house it feels like i can't find anything!!!
but maybe if i win your giveaway i'll just scrap with that and not need to find what i already have... lol. ;)

Arlene Camacho said...

I love the feeling of organization...I do NOT thrive in clutter...I like things alphabetized, sorted by color, manufacturer, or by item. My hubby even goes into DIY places looking for things to adapt for me. :D

my place is such a mess now with so many overwhelming things and not enough time to squeeze in to throw crap away. My kids come home with so much paperwork...oh the trees they're wasting....

Bernice said...

People tell me how organised I am ~ but that's becasue I can organise an event with my eyes shut. Well I have them open otherwise I would make mistakes - but you know what I mean. However my house is a whole different story ~ mess, chaos, untidiness. If only someone would come and organise my crafting space (which by the way is also my dining room)

TimTam said...

About organization I would have to say "loathe it" but obssess over it. I don't come by it naturally. I own more than a few books about the subject but it is a struggle. One way I have managed to keep ideas on paper (such as torn out of or copied from a magazine) is to dedicate a file to them and label folders according to suject, or color, or content. Then, within each folder make a master page that lists exactly what is in there by title or some other wording you can identify easily. When you make the Master List, number each item (or use a letter or combine letters and numbers). When you file item #1, for example, you will write a small #1 on the actual article you are filing. If I don't to this, I end up having a pile of papers and no clue what they are. Digging through piles of papers to find something is NOT inspiring.

Sandi said...

My biggest challenge is that, being so visual, if I cannot actually see my supplies, I forget that I have them. While this can make my crafting an endless foray into discovery ("OH! Look at this entire bottle of prima flowers I bought in 2005!") it can also be distracting- taking me off on another tangent in the middle of a project, and also costly- when I end up buying supplies that I later realize I already had. I know I'm not alone here! Now I try to organize my supplies in clear containers that are labeled, so that I can at least see that I have general things like "chipboard" or "rub-ons".

Belinda said...

Hi Felecia - I too have books on de-cluttering/organising which I thought would magically make me more organised..hahaha. I am fairly organised with my supplies, as I find it fun to go through them once in a while. As for magazines...I have a ton & need to get rid of them, so will rip out cool stuff & either store it in my ideas folder - which is pretty random, or I may just take a closeup photo of it & store it on my computer - so no extra paper around!!
THe most useful thing I have been doing lately has been using the notes function on my iphone - as I have my phone with me all the time - & it is great for catching those snippets of ideas that float around my brain - or write a note about something I see - & take a photo of it with my phone also - if that makes sense?!
Thanks so much for the opportunityxx

Enjoy the Ride Today! said...

Well, we all know I'm overrun by clutter, currently, although most people who know me, tell me I'm one of the most organized people they know. Hahaha. I will say that even in the clutter, I know where something is, and can usually find it in a matter of minutes. I do not like the clutter, though, and I believe my current clutter and overwhelming amount of junk is a symbol of my own mind. I so wish I could clear out my surroundings because then I could neaten up my own thoughts, emotions and mind. That's the theory anyway! I would love a personal assistant/maid/chef for one week. I *think* I could keep it up if it was already started for me. :)

Diana said...

Being organized is a constant effort for me...I am always decluttering, purging stuff and I always seem to end up with more...but hey there is ALWAYS room for more. As for a tip, I love magazines I am am looking into some holders with a three hole punch so I can store them into binders. Much less cluttery. :)

Laura said...

I try to be organized, but it's a real challenge for me and doesn't come naturally. I have to work at it. As for magazines, I tried (and would have continued were I organized, LOL) tearing out articles of interest and putting them in page protectors in a 3 ring notebook.

TLHarwick said...

I am organizationally challenged for sure, so no tips from me! I could use some professional advice, as I would love to be organized.. I mean, I know where everything is, but nobody else in the house does! I call it Organized Chaos! Love that site, I am going to have to browse it!