Thursday, November 18, 2010

Inspiration on my radar...

There are a whole lot of artists out there that inspire me…

But in all honesty, the artists who inspire me most are scrapbookers. It’s a story telling, takin’ photos, playing with patterned paper kind of thing…and there are a TON of artists out there that inspire me.

For a long time I was inspired by the Creating Keepsakes artists, the "biggie's, the golden girls – Donna Downey, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielski, etc. And I still am inspired by them in a way…its just that EVERYONE is inspired by them…and I find that some of what they do is just not my style any more.

So, I thought…ok…who are my go-to inspiration sources these days? Not in any way to say that I have any kind of insight on what makes a great scrapbooker and what does not…Just to say, these are the top five for me lately, in no particular order:

Meghann Andrew:

Megan has an uncanny way with a page. She has an unbelievable eye…no doubt her decorator’s eye at work. But her pages are bliss for me. They have details, but are not complicated. I just LOVE how she makes it all look so good. Her Blog Meghann's Little Corner is a gorgeous mix of cool recipes, life in New Orleans, decorating and scrapbooking.

And you should see her gallery!! Its full of gorgeous sketch interpretations, beautiful takes on color combinations and amazing scrapbook fun.

Nancy Doren:

Nancy is above all else an artist. She paints, she takes photos, and she is BRILLIANT when it comes to using symbolism in scrapbooking. I know Nancy largely from working with her on the Scrapbooking from the Inside Out design team. But this lady will knock your socks off in so many ways. Her blog Paperview is the most juicy and eclectic mix of scrapbooking, art, design, photos, and fun posts from kitty ever assembled.

And her pages and projects are AH MAY ZING! Check out Nancy's Gallery HERE!

Kim Watson:

I don’t know how I ever stumbled upon Kim Watson…I think I was blog hopping. But I’ve noticed she’s popping up in lots and lots of places lately. I think I’ve been following her for about a year or so. One of the things I love about Kim's Blog is how amazing it feels just to land on the page. She as gallery sort of blog that feels like lots of natural light is pouring forth from my computer. Her style is outrageously fun and full of amazing details. Her layouts are like conversations on a page, they totally draw you in. You must go check out Kim's Gallery HERE!

Kinsey Wilson:

Kinsey is one of the amazing Crate Paper designers. She has a seriously amazing style. TONS of details and her stitching is unbelievable. Every time I see one of her pages, I marvel at how she uses the same products I do, but takes them right into the FABULOUS stratosphere with her designing. She REALY inspires me to look at my tools and products in an imaginative way. Take one look at Kinsey's Gallery HERE and you will be thinking to yourself, “Oh WOW! I didn’t think you could do THAT with a scrapbooking page!”

On a side note I have no idea how this girl maintains patience with all that stitching. I would never be able to finish a project like that! It’s a marvel!

Francine Clouden:

This lady seems to be everywhere! I just love when I see something and I know its FRANCINE who did that! Her work seems to breathe…It has a fresh feel, with lots of white space and heartfelt journaling. She really manages to group elements in a way that makes a layout feel both open and completely full. Her blog Callaloo Soup often has delightful life pictures of her, her husband and her adorable little boy. Its another breath of fresh air: simple, peaceful, all about life and wide open.

When you take a look at Francine's Gallery HERE you can see the amazing openness on her pages.

So…now its your turn to share…who are YOU finding inspiring these days!?!?!?

Peace, ya’ll!!


Meghann said...

Wow, I am blown away that you put me in the same league with your other pics. I am speechless! Thank you so much, really! And your write up? I totally want to frame it!

Lately, I am inspired by Ali Edwards. She has this simple style that seems so effortless. Also Lisa Dickinson. Everything she creates just speaks to me!

**** April **** said...

I must say... you have some great inspiration there... they were all fantastic. I'm going to go check them out! :)