Thursday, November 04, 2010

Heard At Our House – New Words

It’s been awhile since I did one of these…what can I say, conversing with the 4 year old is like having a conversation with a very wise adult and the baby doesn’t do much in the way of conversation. Not all that much to write about.

But lately, I’ve been hearing a lot of experimentation…deviations from our usual conversational style and I thought I should gather some of these pearls up for future remembrance. He is most certainly listening to us speak to one another and to him.

Mommy! Do you want to come and PARFICITATE in my fairy tale!?!?! (say what?!?!?)

Mommy: Are you ready to go, Home Chicken?
Jayden: Are YOU ready to go, HOME SLICE? (Home slice? Really????)

Daddy: Jayden lets get going!
Jayden: Yea, lets BLOW THIS POP STAND! (what!?!? WHAT!?!?!?!?)

Mommy, you’re a BEEEEEYOUTEEEFUL lady! (Why thank you VERY MUCH!)

Mommy, don’t forget to pray for Daddy to have DISCERNMENT! (ummmm…ok….)

The baby has gathered exactly one word in his 10 months of life: DaDa

But he doesn’t say it like that. He says it like this


Its startling and funny and after awhile a little bit grating on the nerves…but hey, we’re happy he’s making more than that grunting, humming noise he seemed to be equipped with from birth.

Peace, ya'll!


nancy said...

My favorite is praying for daddy to have discernment... hee! Very profound!

MaryC said...

Tell Slice to pray for me to have discernment too.
Awesome kid!