Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remember *SFTIO October Purpose Kit*

This is my final Design Team layout for the Scrapbooking From the Inside Out Purpose kit, although I might get back into that kit and take on some of the monthly challenges or dig into some of the inspiration on the FREE Inspiration Page. There is SO much to explore in this theme!!

This final layout is about knowing and remembering who I am.

I once received an invaluable piece of advice – Remember who you are.

It can be a tough piece of advice if you don’t KNOW who you are. I know in my journey thus far, I’ve worried about who I should be, who I think I might be, who I want to be, who I hope to be, who I will never be…all of them in search of who I am.

Well, the reality is that who I am digs down deep into the foundations of my character…and through both joy and adversity, my character is refined daily…so who I am is about today, and digging down deep until I hit bedrock.

When I get lost, that is where I go. When I wonder who I will be someday or fret over where I might have lost touch with myself, I always go back to this…Remember who you are:

Have a GORGEOUS day, everyone!

Peace, ya’ll


Meghann said...

I have the same worries! Beautiful layout.

**** April **** said...

I absolutely LOVE the photo on this layout! ...and the ORANGE! ...and the journaling..

OK..the whole thing rocks! (OF COURSE)