Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday Muse - Pumpkins

I always post a retrospective on pumpkin patch visits here in October and WILL do so later on this month...

Its been tough to get into autumn here as the weather has remained so warm and the trees so green...

BUT the temp dipped to 45 degrees last night and today I was able to break out my tights and new riding boots (still in short sleeves, mind you, but the boots are a big step toward fall!). I'm certain that the leaves will finally start to change this week and we might feel a bit more like fall soon.

I remember that I went into the hospital on 10/12 to have a baby a few years ago and it still felt like summer. When I left the hospital three days later, autumn had suddenly arrived...seems we will see the same thing this year.

Still, being able to wear tights and boots is a big deal. So, I thought I'd pull out some pumpkin pictures...nothing like stacks of pumpkins to inspire the senses...who would have thought that the lowly pumpkin could be so gorgeous!?!?!?

Oh, what I could do with the colors alone! YUM!

Incidently, for all my California friends, these were taken at The Pumpkin Patch on Live Oak Canyon Road and the 10 in Redlands.

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**** April **** said...

I love and adore the colors of fall, the warm reds, golds and oranges and the yummy deliciousness of chocolates! :)