Saturday, October 16, 2010

BLOOM and some insight into God working through you

Adoption isn't something that is always high on my radar...I haven't known a ton of adopted people in my life, and, since we have our hands full with our own two little monkeys, I haven't considered adoption as an opportunity for us so much as an opportunity for others.

To be honest, I don't think this is an uncommon viewpoint among Americans (or the world?) - that adoption is for OTHER people to consider...

But some time ago, I went to hear a talk given by Tom Davis who happens to be the CEO of Children's Hope Chest. I was truthfully appalled, sickened, and greived over the plight of orphaned children and children who are "lost" or "at risk" or just plain neglected in this world. When I first heard Tom speak, it was with great hope that I began to see that I have the power to make a difference in the lives of orphans. Now, honestly, I'm still processing what that means for us...we are intent upon finding a way to support financially and/or through work being done here in our own city for children who fall through the cracks, are missing parents, or are without homes or financial means.

I guess my point is that I know God is working in this area for my family - things like sponsoring a child, being foster parents or just getting ourselves involved in the lives of local children through one of the local organizations have all come up. And impressing upon our kiddos how blessed they are and how much they could contribute positively to the lives of others less blessed are things we are really working on.

BUT, I have an array of beautiful women in my life who seem always to be doing beautiful things in really HUGE ways for orphans...they are truly in the trenches with this issue, much like Tom Davis.

My friends Elizabeth, Amy and Sarabeth are passionate about giving orphans a chance to find forever families and giving them support until those forever families are found.

I've watched with great interest and emotion as Elizabeth and Amy have adopted children, expanding their families in ways that seem just gorgeous and huge and unbelievably compassionate through adoption - one domestically and one through foreign adoption. And have prayed fervently with them here in my little corner of the world as they walked out their desires to really help orphaned children in a physically tangible way.

In each case, I'm always amazed at what God does for the children, whom He watches over to the extent of numbering every hair on their heads. Through these women, He has raised up powerful advocates for adoption and those who have been called to be forever families for these children.

Recently, they embarked on a mission trip to Haiti, specifically to see for themselves what is going on with the children and then set about fulfilling the needs of the orphans of Haiti.

Through this process, they have maintained one purpose - MAKE A DIFFERENCE for orphans...and I'm so proud and so grateful to them for sharing their journey and encouraging each of us to come along, participate, be part of the solution to the epidemic of neglect and pain that orphaned children become victims of.

Their organization is called Bloom Project. You can also check out their blog HERE!

Knowing what these amazing women are capable of, I'm certain that they will be changing the lives of ALL of us with their plans. I know I have prayed more than ever before for these amazing women and that an entirely new world has opened before my eyes as a result of knowing them.

For this I am so eternally grateful.

And it has me asking a question: What has God put on your heart? Where are your passions?  And what are you doing about them!!?!?!

Peace, ya'll!


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Elizabeth said...

so grateful to have you as a cheerleader...means so much more than you know!! love having you along for this crazy journey...God is doing BIG things! xoxo