Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Inspiration - Objectify vs. Sanctify

We can objectify the world or sanctify it. When we objectify the world, we view it and all that is in it as existing solely for our use, whether that use is for pleasure or profit or patriotism. When we sanctify the world, we view it and all that is in it with appreciation. In doing so, we recognize them not simply as objects, but as objects created by God that in some way reflect Him and all that is dear to Him…- Ken Gire – Knowing What is Sacred -

On another amazing note, its THIS pretty lady's birthday today. (Here she is holding each of her nephews!):

Have a wonderful Birthday, Kellie! We love you and miss you...and we wish we were there to deliver Birthday wishes and cake ourselves...

Instead, we have asked a very dear friend of ours to deliver a message to you:

Peace, ya'll!!!

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