Wednesday, September 29, 2010

seeker *SFTIO September Enlightment Kit*

AS the month of September comes to a close, I'm posting my final layout for the September Enlightment kit from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out.

To FIND enlightenment, you have to be LOOKING for it...and BOY do I look!

Most of my books are piled upon the nightstand, the living room table, the kitchen island, the shelves in my office...and that doesn't include the boxes of them in the attic.

I'm a voracious seeker...I read blogs, I listen to music, I browse magazines, I read...boy do I read!

And I WRITE in my books...GASP! I guess I've never outgrown the need to put a mark on something and OWN it.

This final layout is about being a seeker through books:

This is perhaps the most precious gift my parents ever gave me...a thirst to learn and to read.

I believe reading has given me a very distinctive perspective of the world around me...and it makes it REALLY easy to self-entertain.

Hoping to instill this same sense of drinking in knowledge and insight in both my boys!!!

Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY, everyone!


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