Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Muse - Music

So, I heard this song somewhere totally random...a commercial. I loved it.

The next thing I know, its popping up on my radar all over the place - blogs, links, you name it.

I will admit it hits several sweet spots for me: old-time gospel, acoustic perfection, recording with skill as well as technology, deep and meaningful lyrics...and lets just not skim over the fact that I ADORE that harmony. I feel like they are all sitting around my backyard hanging out and singing around the fire.

The process of putting together a record isn't all that unlike the process of putting together any other piece of art...there is research to be done, gathering of materials, a concept to be formed, the production and then release of the material...

IN the case of a layout, research = taking a photo or jotting down a story, gathering of materials = getting your supplies together (either organically as you create or before you get started, concept = sketch or putting the elements all over the paper to see where they should permanently reside, production = gluing/pasting/cutting/journaling/painting/etc..., and release = when you take pictures of it even tho your husband thinks that is the funniest thing ever, and put it out there for the world to see...

The concept and process of a recording can be a long and complicated affair...especially if it isn't your first time around a studio...Patty tells about the whole process for THIS recording HERE.

I always read these things...they simply fascinate me...I want to see how other artists think...and since I was once an aspiring singer/songwriter myself, I'm particularly captivated by her process. Lets not even get into the fact that she sounds like an angel.

Even the art work is inspiring for me on this one...

But beyond that, here are some other inspirations:

She takes something that has already been done and with tremendous respect and creative purpose, she remakes it.

She doesn't apologize for being enamored of the foundation of her craft, though there are some who are so enamored of the Lady Gaga-esque form of studio production music who think that is archaic. Its an interesting thought: Go back to your roots...what sort of creation can you do without all the bells and whistles?

She is true to her own voice. We are all extremely grateful for artists like Ali, Donna, Stacy, Cathy, Becky...and the list goes on and on. As vastly different as each of these scrapbooking artists is, they have one important shared quality - they have found their own voice and remain true to it. In music and scrapbooking and in all other forms of art, those who look upon it are most concerned that they hear YOUR voice in the work.

So...what shall we do with all these heady and deep inspirations this Monday!?!?!?

Whatcha got!?!?!?

Peace, everyone!

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