Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Spot a Spy

I’m a huge fan of spy shows…

I’ve always loved the TV shows that are about spys…I'm not sure if its the thrill of the sneaking around, the high-tech gadgets or all the cool costumes they get to wear...whatever the reason, the suspenseful spy show (even if its totally cheesy) usually has my attention.

I was an enormous fan of Alias and especially the tough/hot/vulnerable Sidney Bristow. Interestingly enough, I found this show on ABC Family one Sunday killing time waiting for Scott to come home from work. I spent the ENTIRE DAY watching the Alias marathon...then I was HOOKED!

I STILL love happening on an original episode of Get Smart (they are fewer and farther between, but so funny!) The original CONE OF SILENCE!

How about Wild Wild West – anyone remember that one? That was a good one. For some reason, I used to see these on Saturday afternoons a lot...I always thought they were a bit corny but could never turn them off.

I was a huge fan of Chuck (although not so much any more…I haven’t watched it in awhile). When I watched it, the geeks TOTALLY kept me watching.

I really love Covert Affairs (again with the Hot/tough/vulnerable chick!)

And I’m also pretty much in love with Burn Notice. That just might be a Jeffrey Donovan thing, tho...I remember him from Crossing Jordan and from Touching Evil...anyone else?

Perhaps that is why I immediately went and read the WikiHow that popped up on my radar today about How to Spot a Spy.

Really? How to spot a spy? We need to worry about these things?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve often got my hands full just noticing if I’ve got all of my own t’s crossed and I’s dotted…its maddening to think that I might have to be watching somebody else’s comings and goings, the kinds of technology they use and whether or not they talk all the time about being out of the country but never seem to say why.

My favorite part of the article?

Be alert for anyone spying on you:

Are you being followed?

Is anyone taking photographs of you?

Do you notice that things in your home have been moved?

Based on this, my children MUST think I’m a spy!!!

Have a GREAT day everyone!



Rachel said...

LOL. :)
I love the original Get Smart as well. I used to watch reruns of it on Nick at Night, ages and ages ago.
My favorite Max line: "Would you believe...a boy scout with rabies?"

Enjoy the Ride said...

Burn Notice Rocks! I got caught up in that from the very beginning, only I knew Jeffrey Donovan from The Pretender, another good show. I have missed the last... oh geez... THREE seasons of Burn Notice now and I'm hurtin'!