Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!

Today is my Grandfather's Birthday...he is 93 years old...

He is a God-fearing man who has had tremendous influence on the generations that have followed him.

Praise GOD and Hallelujia!!

My own dad was talking about how he had fixed his riding lawnmower and that it was time for Jayden to come and help him mow the brought back memories for me of times I was on my grandpa's riding lawn mower...the lawn was never the same.

My sister and I learned to drive a tractor on his farm before we were 10 years old...and ditched it a time or two.

We learned to corral escaped cows and get up before the sun...

We learned about how good strawberries and ice cream were together and how fun a basement could be to explore...

He always had a little chuckle when we'd driven our Grandma to frustration with frogs and mud and ditchin' the tractor.

In 93 years, he's seen tremendous things...think of all that has happened since 1917...

1917 – The Russian Revolution happened and Mata Hari was executed for being a spy
1918 – Daylight Savings Time was introduced
1919 – The Treaty of Versailles Ended World War I
1920 – Women were granted the right to vote
1921 - Lie detector was invented
1922 – Tomb of King Tut was discovered
1923 – Talking Movies were invented
1924 – First Olympic Winter Games were held
1925 – The Scopes (Monkey) Trial was held
1926 – Houdini Died after being punched
1927 – Babe Ruth Makes a Home Run Rcord
1928 – first Mickey Mouse cartoon was done
1929 – Stock Market Crashed
1930 – Pluto was discovered
1931 – Empire State Building was completed
1932 – Scientists split the atom
1933 – Prohibition ends in the US
1934 – Parker Brothers sells the game Monopoly
1935 – Social Security was enacted in the US
1936 – Hoover Dam was completed
1937 – Amelia Earhart vanished, the Golden Gate Bridge opened, and the Hindenberg Disaster happened
1938 – Broadcast of “The War of the Worlds”
1939 – Helicopter was invented and WWII begins
1940 – Nylon goes on the market
1941 – Japanese attack Pearl Harbor and the Manhattan Project begins
1942 – Anne Frank went into hiding and the T-Shirt was introduced
1943 – Italy joins the Allies in WWII
1944 – D-Day and the ball point pen went on sale
1945 – UN founded, US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, FDR died and my mother was born, the second of three children
1946 – Bikinis were introduced
1947 – Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered and Polaroid Cameras were invented
1948 – Gandi was assassinated and the State of Israel was founded
1949 – China became a Communist country and George Orwell published Nineteen Eighty-Four
1950 – First modern credit card was introduced, the first organ transplant was done and the first “Peanuts” cartoon strip appeared.
1951 – Color TV was introduced
1952 – Car seat belts were introduced and the Polio vaccine was created
1953 – DNA was discovered
1954 – First report published that said that cigarettes cause cancer
1955 – Disneyland opened and James Dean died in a car crash
1956 – Elvis was on the Ed Sullivan show
1957 – The Cat in the Hat was first published
1958 – Legos were first introduced, NASA was founded and the peace symbol was created
1959 – Castro became the dictator of Cuba
1960 – Lasers were invented
1961 – Berlin Wall was built (see 1989) and the soviets launch the first man into space
1962 – Marilyn Monroe was found dead
1963 – JFK was assassinated
1964 – Nelson Mandela sentenced to life in prison (see 1990)
1965 – Japan’s Bullet Train opens and Malcom X is assassinated
1966 – Star Trek TV series airs
1967 – First heart transplant and the first Super Bowl
1968 – MLK Jr. and RFK are assassinated
1969 – ARPANET (the precursor to the internet) is created and Neil Armstrong becomes the first man on the moon
1970 – Beatles break up and the computer floppy disk was introduced
1971 – London Bridge was brought to the US (its in Lake Havasu if you ever want to see it)
1972 – Pocket Calculators were introduced
1973 – Sears tower was built
1974 – Nixon resigned
1975 – Microsoft was founded
1976 – Nadia Comaneci was given seven perfect 10 scores – the first ever.
1977 – Elvis was found dead
1978 – Jonestown Massacre happened
1979 – Iran took American Hostages in Tehran
1980 – John Lennon was assassinated
1981 – A new plague was identified as AIDS and the PC was introduced by IBM
1982 – E.T. was released and Michael Jackson released Thriller
1983 – Sally Ride became the first American woman in space
1984 – PG – 13 movie rating was created
1985 – New Coke hit the market
1986 – Challenger space shuttle exploded, Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred
1987 – DNA is first used to convict criminals and Black Monday happened
1988 – Pan Am Flight 103 is bombed over Lockerbie
1989 – the Berlin Wall falls (see 1961)
1990 – Nelson Mandella is freed from prison (see 1964)
1991 – Soviet Union collapsed
1992 – LA Riots following the Rodney King verdict
1993 – First bombing of the World Trade Center
1994 – Nelson Mandela is Elected President of South Africa (See 1964 and 1990)
1995 – Oklahoma City Bombing
1996 – Unabomber is arrested
1997 – Princess Diana died in a car crash and scientists clone sheep
1998 – US President Clinton impeached (did you KNOW he was impeached? Well, he was…)
1999 – Columbine massacre
2000 – Dow Jones reaches 11,722 and the NASDAQ reaches an all time high of 5048
2001 – Al Qaeda terrorists attack the US on 9/11
2002 – Guantanimo Bay Naval Base in Cuba opens a detention camp for terrorists
2003 – US goes to war against Iraq
2004 – Google, Inc goes public
2005 – Hurricane Katrina hits the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Youtube is launched
2006 – Twitter is launched
2007 – the Iphone is released
2008 – Stock market crashes and the Dow Jones tumbles from a historic high of 14198 (10/2007) to 7449
2009 – Barak Obama is inaugurated as the first black American president

Its quite a list, isn't it?

Peace, ya'll!!

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Wow... WOW... may you live a wonderful 90+ years, too my friend!