Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Muse - Back to School

Its that time again…

Time for kids to either go back to school, or be reveling in their final final days of summer...

Mine went back last week.

And the rest of the county will go back this week - either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Its a special time.

My Bible Study group decided to bless a number of children with some basic school supplies. Since I like to get Jayden involved in my projects, we decided to work together on this...Well..I worked...he was mostly "together."

Ever the fan of kits, we put the supplies into kits, the same stuff for 10 kids.

This was our kitchen table yesterday:

All the supplies are safely packaged away in 2 gallon zip-locks awaiting distribution to our favorite charities.

I also worked on a little project for Jay’s teachers.

Before Valentine’s day, I did a version of this project that I found on Cuttlebug Challenge:

I’ll have to find my pictures…mine were turquoise and pink.

I saw that both eighteen 25 and Nora Griffen did back to school versions for teachers.

I, of course, had to put my little spin on it:

SUPER fun way to get myself all geared up for “school.” what is the muse?

Here you go: What does back to school mean to you?

More buses and thus more traffic?

Kids with new clothes?

Cool new pens and papers?

Or do you just avoid all school related sections of your favorite stores?

And how would you put that into art?

I’m curious to see what you will do with this muse as “school” is a personal thing for all of us.

Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!


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Meghann said...

Oh my goodness! These boxes are WAY too cute! I bet the teachers adored them!