Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Found Love

Perhaps the most important of my discoveries is my faith.

Its a long and amazing journey - one that has taken me many many places that I never dreamed I would go.

No matter how far I get from that first Sunday morning I accepted Christ, it never fades in my memory...I can remember the weather, my clothes, and what the sermon was about. Its like it was yesterday...

This is the PERFECT story for the August Discovery kit from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out:

So enjoyed playing with the circle punch and the thought that my spiritual journey has been filled with moments of revealing and moments where I couldn't see anything.

Over time, the picture has become more clear, but there is still a lot of discovery left....

What have you found in your life time?

Peace, ya'll!!!


Rachel said...

Wow! What an amazing page. I don't even have words. You inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing this.

Sam said...

Oh heck! Your journaling has got me just about sobbing. Awesome, awesome layout.

shaina said...

fabulous layout!! this is the perfect story for discovery... love.
and all those circles are awesome.
thanks for sharing so much of you! <3

**** April **** said...

absolutely beautiful... I'm so happy you're scrapping again. You give me so much inspiration.