Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Fun from the Convention

Today I'm at CKC Charlotte with my girls...

We are having a blast!  And even tho its in our town, we went ahead and rented the hotel room so we could just walk across the street from the convention center and crash without having to drive 30 minutes to get to a place to lay our heads!

I"ll be in class all day, so no Five Question Friday today...

BUT I'm going to give away a little stash of goodies to one lucky ducky!

This is what is in the box:  If you like glitter, flocking and flowers, this is YOUR box!

If you want to win, just leave me a comment about YOUR weekend plans...Whatcha up to???

I'll pick a winner on Monday morning!

Peace, ya'll!!


karin said...

What a wonderful give-away for Friday, the 13th, well done!!
i love your pages, it was fun to browse through your art again!
since i am the first comment, here goes!
taking my 18yr old son for a final driving lesson on Saturday, because Wednesday is the test for his driving license! After that, it is just scrap, scrap and some more scrap! Sunday is church and quality time wiff my family, and off course, some scrapping in between.
Have a great weekend yourself
love from sunny south africa

Bernice said...

I was hoping to do some crafting but so far have splodged a bit of glue on a page of an altered book and stuck some material to it!

Nelly said...

Weekend plans: Saturday - karate class for my 4yo, followed by a few hours at the local children's museum to play, explore, paint and craft then hit one or two playgrounds and spend time with friends and family. Oh, I gather we'll grab a bite to eat somewhere in between. Sunday - morning service, brunch with my sister and nieces, followed by a visit with to dad's and family movie night, popcorn included.

Enjoy the Ride said...

I'm HOME! As in, my childhood home. Drove up to see my dad and stepmom yesterday and had a wonderful day today visiting with a school friend and one of my sisters and her family. HOME. :)

And right before I left, I received a wonderful box of books... thanks so much!!

Rachel said...

I had a really great weekend! Attended an effigy party with a group of amazing women, where we burned representations of burdens or baggage we don't want to carry with us into the new school year. So cleansing!
Then I got to see Eat, Pray, Love with my BFF, went to see the show "Hair" on Saturday--SO powerful and amazing.
And dinner with the boyfriend's family + an afternoon spent in the bookstore. Came home this evening and got my son back (his dad's weekend) and the weather cooled enough for us to play baseball in the yard and then go for an evening walk.
A little bit of heaven. :)
Hope CK was fabulous!