Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One of the things I adore about Scrapbooking From the Inside Out is the challenges. They really get me thinking and also give me huge design challenges.

This month, our theme was DISCOVERY.

Check out these challenges...they make you think, no?

Challenge #1, Aha Moment/Suprise Element

Please create a LO about an AHA moment in your life - a moment when you disovered something that had previously been unknown to you and it hit you like a flash.

For the design twist, please include a surprise element - something that pops out, pulls out, appears from nowhere.

Challenge #2, Avoidance/Separate

Don’t Tell Me: What do you shy away from knowing to protect yourself? Are there difficult truths which you avoid in order to keep feeling good, or to avoid feeling bad? Are these truths about you and who you really are, or about the roles that others play in your life? Are there stories in your family that are kept secret which you choose not to pursue? What do you hide about yourself from others, and why?

All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. James Thurber

Please create a LO about something you avoid/have avoided discovering...are there untold truths that you'd just as soon not know?

For the design twist, please separate your photos from the truth - be it your title, or another representation of the thing you avoid.

Challenge #3, Photos 1/Age

Photos Matter: What do you discover about yourself by looking at photos of yourself at different life stages? Does your expression, your clothing, the background, tell a story about you that has changed over time? Could you feel yourself changing and growing, or is it only evident looking backwards?

Please use 2 or more photos to elucidate something you've discovered about yourself by looking at photos taken over time...

For the design twist, please 'age' your photos in some way - with age #s, distressing or sepia/black and white...

Challenge #4, Baggage/What You Carry

Baggage: We all carry some? What baggage do you carry with you on this life journey? Is it trouble from your childhood, memory of a great loss, or a misguided belief about yourself? Are you ashamed of your baggage, do you accept it, or do you even wear it as a badge of honor? Do others see the baggage you carry clearly, or do you try to hide it? How do you negotiate the relative weight of your baggage when it comes to that of your spouse, significant other or a family member or friend?

Please create a LO about the baggage you carry from your past...is it heavy? What does it look and feel like? An old steamer trunk? A hobo pack?

For the design twist, show us the physical shape of your baggage in some 3D way...

Its the design twists that always get me.

You do not have to be a kit club member to participate in the challenges! Anyone can play along! Some prizes are awarded only to Kit Club Members, but you can win any individual challenge regardless of whether or not you use the kit.

So, tell me...what have you discovered???

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