Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things That Drive Me Crazy

I was recently sent a questionnaire that asked the question "What are your pet peeves?"

My first answer was to name the two biggest peeves I have:

People who never let you finish a sentence and people who don’t use turn signals. Unless you are one of those people, I would assume we can agree that these are at least understandable.

That said, I realized I have a few more peeves, some of which are very serious and others not so much.

For example, I get peeved at people who will leave really negative comments or make holier-than-thou responses to my blog posts anonymously. It’s only happened twice, but in all honesty, it is really hard for me to take these comments seriously if the commenter lacks the courage to leave a real name. Its kinds like saying "just kidding" after you say something mean.

I get peeved about SPAM. Who doesn’t really? But the SPAM that annoys me the most is the stuff about Viagra. How in the world did I ever end up on the spam list for Viagra? I’m not exactly in their target demographic, if you know what I mean.

The whole oil spill in the gulf thing peeves me. As does the wholesale razing of trees to build unneeded commercial/medical office space in my town. I’m not at all a fan of big money raping the land…which is all rather liberal for my normally less-government stance in politics. But I was raised in central Colorado, where the air really is pure and the land really is wilderness. All this unnecessary pillaging brings out my momma-bear instincts.

I'm pretty peeved that the cartoon faces of the latest child-focused big-box-office movies are plastered all over every known form of junk and over-processed food. My 3 year old TRUSTS those faces. He thinks that its GOOD for you if Woody is on the front because WOODY is a good guy. What a job parents have today trying to teach their children that somebody’s face plastered on the label is not a good indication of value of the contents. Valuable lesson, sure, but a hard one for these little guys. PS - did we NEED to have four aisles of this branded stuff front and center at every single Target, Walmart, and Costco?

I get peeved when people try to justify/argue/discuss matters of the Bible when they have not read it. (Really, I feel this way about lots of religious texts) I don’t mean listened to somebody else read it. I don’t mean heard it in parts during your weekly church services. I don’t’ mean talking about what somebody else told you about the Bible (especially if that somebody else is mainstream media). If you would like to discuss the parts you have actually read for yourself, I’m totally up for that.

And finally, my biggest pet peeve: Businesses that purposefully misspell their names as their gimmick. I realize that texting has made this very popular, even acceptable…but when we advertise the misspelled words, it makes me wonder if we are teaching our children to be stupid on purpose (oh this is going to make me unpopular). Do you even realize how many of them are out there?
Fatz Cafe
Toys R Us
In-N-Out Burger
Krispy Kreme
Tastee Freez
Dunkin Donuts

So…what about you? What sort of peeves do you have?


sharyncarlson said...

Great post, Felicia! Love your conviction and I definitely agree with your points!

Rachel said...

I was shaking my head "yes!" the whole time I was reading this post! I hear ya on all points, sister.

One of my pet peeves is when people use the word "impact" as a verb. Ugh. I hear educated people say this ALL the time and it always bothers me. You don't impact people. You HAVE an impact ON them. :P

This is the only grammar mistake that drives me mad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis! I respect your points, I believe you are stronger than that! So What!!! Let everyone make there choices. You have to make yours and feel good about them. You are a working mother of two, when do you find time to be peeved? Let it go, and be carefull where finger go pointing. REMEMBER WHAT MOM AND THE BIBLE SAYS. Simply, it's not our job to judge. When we do it's time to take a look at ourselves. We only are irritated with our fears and short-commings and things that we don't even realize we do ourselves. I personally think that this thruth sucks!!! LOL It isnt fair that I cant just bitch and moan, and justify it. Unfortuantly, it is the truth. More work, always more work. I love you !!!! You are more than anyone deserves in a sister! HAHAHA I GOT YOU!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!

**** April **** said...

I think it'd depend on my mood what my pet peeves are....

I have a pet peeve that it seems like I'm the only one in this house that can change a freakin empty toilet paper roll and put the fresh - HALF USED roll on the dispenser!

I hate that parents feel the need to dress their kids in Tommy and Polo like it makes them look like better parents. Do you really think a kid gives a rat's ass what kind of little logo is on his shirt? You just look like adummy for spending $40 on a Polo shirt in a 4T.

I hate when professionals you're paying fail to do their due diligence and review the letters they're sending out so that when they send them to me to proofread, I find two glaring type-o's and a dangling participle. I hope I wasn't charged for the rework on it.

Pet peeve... talking on cell phones in any public place LOUDLY. I could care less if you need to talk to someone....but take your conversation somewhere else. Do not make the entire Subway part of it. We don't give a flip.

Pet peeve... my dog wanting to jump in the bed with me at night which means she acts like a personal heating pad...when it's 77 degrees in my room and I'm sweating. I love ya lola but PISS OFF !!!UGH!