Monday, June 07, 2010

WINNER and Monday Muse

Lets get to the important stuff RIGHT away!

Nobody guessed the right answer, although all of your answers are absolutely things I ALSO have toooo much of!

The right answer was BLOGS!

Yes…BLOGS! Can you believe that I follow so many? I tend to hang on to them long after they have ceased to inspire or inform me, hoping that the next post will the be the best post I’ve ever seen…not so. Anyway…I had to cut loose tons…but I’ll be honest…it was mostly because they hadn’t posted anything in a really long time. There were very few I was willing to delete from my reader if they had been posting.

Anyway…so…there were NINE comments (Sarabeth said she didn’t want to get the scrap supplies, only make a guess.)

I asked Jay what his favorite number is. He said: 2

If I number the comments top to bottom excluding Sarabeth, this is our winner:

WOOHOO!!! SO!! I will send you an e-mail to get your addy!

On to some other fun stuff…

Today’s muse is another from the Hostess with the Mostest Blog.

Bed sheets as table d├ęcor - as in this Baby Shower party called “Bed Time Story.” stinkin’ inventive and adorable is that!?!!??!

Oh, and the COLORS!! Can you believe how amazing the colors are? So saturated and vibrant! YUM!

This is the second party based on books I’ve featured for a muse.

I’m so inspired by the covers of books. Unlike magazines and other print ads, the message doesn’t get lost behind lots of text…its definitely a picture-is-a-thousand-words aesthetic.

So…what could you do with this muse?

What could you do with orange and turquoise?

How about something totally unexpected?

Link me up!

Peace, ya’ll!


Marit said...

Thanks for your comment and pointing me out to 37 days... I didn't know Patti posted my art journal page... wow! And yes, I follow to many blogs too... even the ones that haven't posted for MONTHS now... I might come to the point that I delete some of those... but I always feel it "in my stomach" when I do that, do you know what I mean? (am I too good for this blog-world??)

Sarabeth Hudson said...

I was wrong anyways! I was guessing cookie cutters ;) Guess baking was on my mind!

**** April **** said...

Love the and orange are two of my favorite color combinations ever!!! Now, why I can't ever seem to find a photo that will go WITH Those two colors to use in my scrapping is beyond me!

Didactic Pirate said...

Totally unrelated to this post -- but I can't believe it took me this long to realize that the chksngr that's been commenting on my blog is YOU, my friend who've I've known for over 20 years. Especially since I've visited your blog before, and surely must've seen and recognized your profile name.
What am I, a moron??? (Don't answer that.)