Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Question Friday

Its that time again....time for Five Question Friday.

I found this set of questions rather intriguing....though coming up with answers to a couple is tough...

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship? - Honestly, I have the greatest friends in the world...and I think there are three components to great friendships:

1) Chemestry...yes...friends are like the opposite sex. There is just something about the keepers.

2) Transparency. You have to be willing to be real to get to that really deep level of friendship. That means when its time to be silly, when its time to cry, when its time for your amazing friend to tell you that she is pissed that you showed your new boyfriend her messy upstairs.

3) Laughter...bucket loads of it. My best friends are the ones I laugh with...we have those moments where we just look at one another and can totally crack up about something that may not even be funny.

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted? - I'm a frugal and careful shopper so this doesn't actually happen to me often...but I do have those moments when I think, "Well...that was a waste of money." I can't think of anything specific right now, so they are obviously not huge things.

3. Have you ever had a prank played on you? - Oh, yes...I was a new receptionist about a hundred years ago and the team I worked with had bets on how long I would see they had driven off like 10 went to lunch and just never came back. One even went to the hospital! So...when I arrived, they took bets to see how long I would last and then they did everything in their power to get me to quit. I worked for that company for 10 years...I don't remember who won the bet. But if you've ever heard of the Jerky Boys and you understand that I was a receptionist, you will get the picture.

4. What is your favorite theme park? - I don't have one...perhaps Disneyland or Raging Waters in CA?

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth? - Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh yes...Many times...its the most wonderful thing EVER to be included in an experience like that!!! I've been a coach or in the room 4 times for births...ITS AWESOME!!!!

Peace, ya'll!!


Meghann said...

Good questions! Especially like your answer to #1. =)

**** April **** said...

You've coached or been in the room for 4 births? WOW... you're amazing! I didn't even want to be in the room for my OWN! LOL

Enjoy the Ride said...

Love your answer to Q1, although I would have a super hard time answering that. I have a hard time with friendships overall. Don't get me wrong, I love my friends dearly, but for some reason, in my heart it's never enough. #2 - My son's car. It died on us the 2nd day we had it out driving. An as-is car so no returns. Too late now anyway. But a HUGE regret on my part, and a HUGE loss of money on his part. #3 yes, too many. #4 Probably Disney World and Universal Studios (tie). #5 No, and I'm pretty sure I don't wanna. :) Thanks for making me think - I meant to answer them on Friday but never got a chance.