Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh, No she DI-int!!!

Yes…she did…wellllll…actually TWO of them did it…

April who has a Fabbo blog mostly dedicated to the life and times of a mom of three boys (and all the hilarity that goes with THAT endeavor) tagged my friend Mary…

Mary who has another fabbo blog dedicated to being a green girl and the queen of altered objects, with a little oh-so-this-is-what-it-means-to-be-a-hip-and hot-grandma thrown in, has tagged ME!!!

And the tag?  Answer HER 10 question…

Here’s what she tagged me with:

1)  What is your favorite pie? – My favorite pie is something that I don’t think is made anymore…it was on the menu at Coco’s Restaurants. Chocolate Truffle Silk Pie…yup…chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…YUM!

2)  If you could be a movie star, which one would you be? – Hmmmm…good question…Today, I’m thinking it would be Meg Ryan. I love her movies…and until recently, her reputation.  BUT this could change…I might have a different answer tomorrow.

3)  What is your dream job and why? My dream job is SAHMS…or Stay At Home Mom Scrapbooker…I believe that this adequately combines my greatest passions – my kids and the stories of our lives. If I was younger, I would have said “rock star” but I am not currently convinced I could be a good  mom and a rock star.

4)  What talent do you have that most people don't know about? I am an unbelievably great dancer...:-)

5)  What is the nicest thing anyone ever said to you? – “You have a voice like an angel.” Followed closesly by “You look really pretty mommy!” 

6)  Besides world peace, what do you wish for? – See the question above about my dream job.

7)  What is the most important thing your parents taught you? To work really hard for what I wanted and what I believe in. I don’t believe in the lottery or get-rich-quick schemes. I don’t believe that success falls in your lap or that it just “happens.” I CERTAINLY don’t believe we can sit around and wish and hope that God will BLESS us with riches just because. I don’t believe in the prosperity Gospel. I believe God gives us direction and then says “Go”! He honors those who honor HIM and that the best way we can honor Him is to get OUT into the world and really put some sweat behind our words. The Bible says not just to be hearers of the Word, but also DOERS! It also says that it is appointed to men to TOIL! God doesn’t mean for us to escape the rigors of work and live cushy lifestyles shut away from one another in our air-conditioned homes. He means for us to work and to share the blessings of that work with those less fortunate than ourselves.  What a concept…

8)  What is your favorite herb? – My Uncle Herb...he's my mom's brother and he plays a mean game of Uno.

9)  What is your favorite Dr. Seuss character? –  Cindy Lou Who FOR SURE!

10)  How ticked are you that I tagged you with these questions? LOL. Not at all…I needed to do something fun today!

Now, I get to tag seven (7) bloggers with 10 questions of my own…let me see….

I tag:

Sharyn Carlson - AMAZING scrapbooker with lots of fun ideas
Enjoy the Ride - Another awesome scrappy blog.
Samantha Widlund - A very interesting blog about scrapbooking, raising kids, gardening, food...oh, just all sorts of good stuff!
Nancy Doren - AMAZING scrapbooker with lots of artistic insight, great taste in music and super fun posts about art in real life.
Meghann - Really great scrappy goodness.
Rachel - Fabulous blog with amazing writing. Best thing about this girl? She's TRANSPARENT!  LOVE IT!
Elizabeth - (Who also happens to be the founder of Bloom Project, a foundation for adoption)

And here, my tagged bloggers,  are your 10 Questions:

1 -  What MUST you wear for your weekend-kicking-around-clothes?

2 - What is your “quote” for life?

3 - If you knew your next meal would be your last, what would you eat?

4 - What do you think is the greatest invention of our time?

5 - You have one day of uninterrupted time alone. What will you do?

6 - The beach, the mountains, the desert, the farm country – all are just 30 minutes from you.  Which way will you go?  Why?

7 - This one’s important, now:  Coke or Pepsi?

8 - What do you think it would be super fun to dress up as for a costume party or Halloween?

9 - What absolutely, positively HAS to be on your i-pod (or radio, or mp3 or CD player, or whatever)?

10 - Its sports day at school….who’s Jersey are you wearing?

Now, my 7 scrappers, go answer your questions on your own little bloggy. Then think of 10 questions of your own and tag 7 more bloggers to give you exciting answers!!! Don’t forget to pop back here and leave a comment linking us up to your answers!!


nancy said...

Will do! I love these questions!

Enjoy the Ride said...

Sweet questions! This will be fun. But look for my answers probably on Sunday... my weekend up until then (as far as I know) is packed... check my blog a little later to see why! Thanks for tagging me!!

**** April **** said...

lol.... see, I was lraving you off the hook on mine...and Mary gotcha!! Hahahaha you should go answer mine too then!!! lol

Meghann said...

Yay! Thank you so much for tagging me! I should be able to answer by Sunday. We have a lot to do around this new house!

MaryC said...

Uncle Herb? LMBO!! I love that answer. I thing they still make that pie, girl. Go getcha' one.

Samantha said...


And I used to love CoCo's!

Rachel said...

Thanks for inspiring me to get back to blogging. Here are my answers:


Meghann said...

Here are my answers! Thank you again for tagging me!

Enjoy the Ride said...

Mine are finally posted here. Thanks! :)

nancy said...

Mine are up! Thanks for the fun, Felecia!