Thursday, May 20, 2010

Consider This...

Remember when I introduced you to Patti Digh?

Her daughter Emma is going to be graduating and Patti has been gathering the most amazing advice to give to Emma as a collection. In her words:

I am gathering wisdom from the far corners of the earth to give my older daughter, Emma, as she graduates from high school. What would you say to her? Or to your own 17-year-old self? What thoughts would you ask her to consider? You can submit your advice and 37 of those will be posted over the next 37 days, one each day, culminating in a free e-book of all the submissions after her graduation on June 14th.

There are so many things I wish I could go back and tell my 18 year old self...So I sent in some of the things on my list of "so many." I've been following along and just absorbing the beautiful writing like a inner 18 year old keeps nodding its head and saying "yep! Oh yea! Good one!"

Imagine my surprise to find my own submission among the 37 she has chosen! I feel so blessed!

I know from reading all of the amazing things that have been written that Emma will be given a remarkable collection. What an amazing mom to give her such a touching gift! Don't you wish you had gotten something similar?

Go on over to Patti's blog and read them all. You will want to print them all out and hang them on the wall.

You can submit some advise of your own if you wish...the instructions are HERE.

Peace, ya'll!

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Marit said...

WOW.. this is an amazing idea!!! My son is in the middle of his graduating exams.. I might hop over to your friend and see if I can do something similar.. this is a great idea!!!